Our Venue

ConFuzzled is pleased to be returning to the Birmingham Hilton Metropole for 2016...

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The Theme

Join the carnival in the dead of night, dance with the devil and use your voodoo to coax spirits to commune with the living...

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Pricing & Membership

You can attend ConFuzzled in multiple ways. It boils down to three main types...

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Charity Total 2016

We are delighted and thrilled to announce our final charity total for Prickles Hedgehog Rescue is:


SUPER WOW!  This is the most we’ve ever raised and we couldn’t have done it without you!!!

The total includes the charity’s own takings at their table and collection buckets, ConFuzzled tins and buckets, auction, yard sale, registration donations and more!

We’ve already broken the news to the …

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T-Shirt Fault Update

Thank you to those of you who reached out to us so far to let us know about problems with your shirt this year.

We feel we have a good idea as to the scale of the problem now (which thankfully seems to be limited).

We are continuing to work with our supplier, and we hope to have a solution for you very soon.

In …

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T-Shirt Fault

It’s come to our attention that a small number of you have found problems with your convention T-Shirts this year.  These were supplied as part of the sponsor packages, and were also available to purchase in the Dealer’s Den from the convention store.

The fault appears to be an issue with the shirt fraying and a hole opening up around the area of Brok’s paws …

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