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Information for attendees

Another quick update for you all!

We recently sent out two emails for all attendees highlighting information for the convention this year. One is an important package of information you’ll want to read so you know what’s what for this year. The second is targeted more at first-time ConFuzzled attendees, with loads of useful information!

If for some reason you can’t find this mail in your inbox, you can find them linked below;

ConFuzzled Essential Info

ConFuzzled First Timers

Another important thing to note is that this year, some rooms are in different locations to last year.  Registration is in the Arden Suite, the main stage is in the King Suite, and the Dealers Den and Art show is in the Palace.  You’ll of course have a map in your conbook and miniguide to help you out!

Finally, please remember that during the convention, we’ll use @cfzlive on twitter to update you with the latest news and announcements.