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T-Shirt Fault news

Hi there;

As some of you are aware, back in June, we acknowledged a problem with our 2016 convention T-shirts.  We were hearing reports of the fabric simply breaking apart (most commonly around the area of Brok’s paws in the design).

We went back to our supplier, who in turn worked with the manufacturer to try to determine why the problem occurred.  The best explanation so far seems to have been that the first few shirts in each run were being affected by a fault because the machines were not properly warmed up. This seems to correlate with the number of faults that have been reported to us.

Following the investigation, we have arranged replacements, and we are expecting to be able to start sending these out soon.  Those of you who contacted registration to report the fault with your shirts don’t need to do anything.  Our registration team will continue to keep in touch with you to let you know what is going on.  If you wish to contact them again, please reference any ticket number you have previously used.

If you have discovered a fault with your shirt, and have not yet reported it to us, please do so using the email address

For everyone else, we are confident that your shirt will be just as robust as those from previous years.  That said, we do recommend following a few basic care tips;

  • Ignore the label (which is for an unprinted shirt), and wash on gentle cycles at 30C
  • Use colour-safe detergent
  • Don’t Tumble Dry
  • Avoid exposure to high temperatures

This approach will protect the printed design on your shirt and ensure it lasts longer through as many wash days as possible! This advice also applies to all our shirts, and in future we will be including care information with our t-shirts.

We would like to apologise to all those affected by this issue.  We want you to be really happy with your ConFuzzled merchandise, and will be working with our suppliers to ensure this doesn’t happen again.