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Social Media activities: A statement

Over the course of the last few months, a number of anonymous individuals claiming to be ConFuzzled convention staff and/or crew have been carrying out a series of targeted online harassment activities against a member of the fandom in the UK.

We would like to make a clear statement that ConFuzzled UK and its directors do not support or condone this behaviour in any way. ConFuzzled welcomes all our attendees, and our team work voluntarily around the clock to try and ensure they have the best experience possible. We offer our sympathies to the person on the receiving end of these actions.

At this time, we still do not know who is behind these actions.  We are however, continuing to collate any and all information available to us with the intent to fully cooperate with any official investigations. Collectively as a team, we have attempted to have the social media accounts suspended which have been harassing this individual, and continue to encourage our staff to report them through official mechanisms.

The harassment has included claims which we can confirm are absolutely false; said person was part of our Theming team in 2015, and is not banned from attending ConFuzzled.

In addition to the anonymous activities, we acknowledge that a small number of individuals on the convention staff have made personal comments on social media which has had the effect of fanning the flames of this dispute. Once again we’d like to be clear that negative opinions expressed towards convention attendees are not endorsed or held by the vast majority of our team. We do not, however, believe these persons are involved in the anonymous actions.

We are in communication with the individual in question and are doing everything in our power to help bring this issue to a swift conclusion. In the meantime, we ask you all to continue to report any social media accounts involved in harassment through official channels.