PLEASE NOTE: ConFuzzled confirming a dealer should not be regarded as a sign of endorsement. ConFuzzled does not verify or otherwise background check dealers before confirming them and, unless they breach our Den terms or the Code of Conduct, we wouldn’t reject anyone.

We recommend that all attendees do their own research before agreeing to purchase from or commission any dealer.

Table NumberDealer nameItems this dealer will be sellingWebsite
31CharityCharity Merchandise
32, 33 & 34ConFuzzledConvention MerchandiseWebsite
22AcidMango Commission slots, Prints, Sketches, Small on the spot commissions, and more...
110 & 111Aethertech Industries UK Leathergoods and maille, including collars and sketch books.
90 & 91AgrajagHats, masks, fine millinery and accessories
97AmethystPrints, commissions, canvas paintings,
8Art of Zod / PlayFur Badge Pre-orders, Commission pre-orders, prints and comic
118Aurora Fabrications Various fursuit parts and furry accessories such as tails, handpaws, and masks.
104Beautyofthebass's creations Art commissions, fursuit parts and beautyofthebass merchandise!
49BerneriPrints, stickers, small goodies
27BinturongBoyTF art, general art both traditional and prints as well as on site commissions.
46BooshieBooCommisions on the day, prints, digital badges. stickers magnets ect
12Cartesian Creations Board Game SuppliesBoard game supplies, card holders, accessories.
43Cat-Star Shirts, prints, badges, taking commissions
113Chimera's BazaarTrinkets, art, and novelties and "goodie-bags" (a mix of fun things to use at a con in a blind mix)
27CorkyOrkyIITraditional art sketches
64Crafty MartenColourful prints, cute button badges and at-the-con commissions
24cwoodsdean creations Art work and fursuit parts
38D&A leather and crafts Handmade leathergoods: collars, cuffs, bandoliers etc.
15 & 16DanzaTraditional sketch and lineart commissions, full colour conbadges and doodle/derp badges. Selling A3 and A4 high res prints and trinkets!
36 & 37Demonic Compendium Fursuit parts, artwork prints, commissions, small goods
95 & 96Dragonhide StudiosLeathercrafted goods inc. Collars for fursuits. Various comics and artwork; furry, erotic and more. Badges, Postcards, Zip-ties and fun geeky trinkets.
9DrDubz' Manface EmporiumSelf Published comic FERAL (now on it's third book!) and a plethora of other Dubzy stuff!
87 & 88Duragan's Den Inked work, marker illustrations, print off work and fresh commission work while attending.
76ElementalSpirits Prints, stickers, commissions & original artwork.
73Evilkittystudio Prints on behalf of other artists on contract.
1EZCooldownCooling vests
40, 41 & 42Faruku Costumes All manner of shiny things! A fursuit or two may be up for grabs, sketch commissions, prints, and much more!
112Fioxy's Carnival Party ExtravaganzaSpecialists in party goods, LEDs, masks and Pokemon merchandise
89FreyFoxComic books and art
5, 6 & 7FuraveEverything from glow sticks to custom gear
103FurristaFursuits & parts
98 & 99Furry Tailor Fursuit parts
2GarnettoSketches, Badges, Maybes~ Definitely Banter!
2HAPSstickers, badge pre-orders, charms, commissions on the day and bookmarks.
44Heartlilly Traditional pieces, pretty prints, cute stickers and commissions!Website
61 & 62IndiWolfOnline Prints, stickers, commissions and convention exclusive goodies.
83Jackalope Studios Art prints & commissions, hand-made jewellery and hand-made soap
49Johis Prints, sketches, and other goodies
115Kariss Jones Art Art Prints, Orginal Art, and Sketches
10Killveous & Exotic-EroticsLive Commissions, Art Prints and Original Pieces as well as Exotic-Erotic Charms and assorted Merchandise.
63KisumiPolymer clay figurines, keyrings, jewellery and all round cute stuff
35KorrokCommissions, prints, art merchandise
30Kurauno Original Prints and Fursuit Parts - partial, tails, paws, diy parts
116LicantroxCommissions, prints and originals.
17 & 18Lozbunneh Commissions, prints, keyrings, badges, tombola
84, 85 & 86Made By MercuryUnique fursuit parts, kigurumis, fun props and fursuit collars!
57mag ferret!! Comics, toony sketches and things n stuff
39MirriBadges, commissions, originals and small merchandise
67MemokkeenPrints, originals, fanart or various things, stickers, postcards, pins, refrigerator magnets...
25Miles-DFArtbooks, prints, traditional and digital commissions.
20 & 21Monster Factory Productions A mix of hama/perler bead and laser cut crafts featuring custom hama/perler bead badge commissions, themed goods, engraved glassware, tea light holders, key-rings and various other furry knickknacks featuring designs by both myself and artist Ram the Dragon.
94MorgPrints, comics and commissions
23NaalikArt Badges, Plushies, Magnets
60NeoSketches, inks and prints
54Neonpossum Art prints, originals, buttons/badges, keychains, stickers. Plus on the day commissions and pre-orders!
69 & 70Neotheta Commissions, printed products such as pillowcases, canvases and small stuff.
79 & 80Olivitree & Noonikinz art & printing2D art commissions. Scanning, printing, hole punching and laminating services.
105Pan Hesekiel Shiroi Prints, matted prints, original concept art, sketch and badge commissions
117Panda PrintsPrinted T-shirts, Hoodies and Mugs
102Pawz4playTails, ears, costume accessories especially for furries with a cheaper budget
65Phantom Pixel Cross stitched pin badges and coasters of a range of fandoms.
55PyropawsArt prints, keychains, originals, on the day commissions
82Quickwind StudioPrints and originals, commissions and small merchandise.
67RebeccaCrocheted plushgoods
81Reyn Goldfur ('Caves and Critters') Prints of my artwork and copies of my graphic novel, 'Caves and Critters', as well as on-demand pencil sketches.
106Rorschfox Arts Furry art prints, keyrings, books and commissions
59SarsencatMacro things. The usualWebsite
56Shaggi ArtsPrints, stickers and original artwork.
107 & 108Shalinka Posters printed of my art, original paintings and a lot of goodies (badges, pins, mirror, magnets)
52Sirbarkalot (King Soy) Shirts, stickers, prints, commissions
58SkaifoxThe Mystery Box returns, once again! Are you a "Cool Lumberjack"? Or perhaps you'll meet a "Famous Yeti"?!
47 & 48Sketchbuck Original fine art, illustration and gifts. Website
101SketchkatArt commissions, badges, Magic: The Gathering cards (supplied by Vatra)
26Spinal22 Commission, Prints, buttons, keychain
13 & 14Spiritraptor Sketches, commissions and leatherwork
53spookytango Art prints, comics, crafts (yarn tails)
68Taya - Sparklepup StudiosArt commissions, badges, premade fursuity things and shiny trinkets
3 & 4Tem ShopIllustrations, Prints, Art books, Collaborative Work, Crafts, Accessories, Stickers & More By lupeyroo and/or Effymoo
45ThatWickedSmile Stickers, prints, commissions and some extra good stuff!
19The Art FoxPrints an commissions
92 & 93TheoOrnaments, masks, curios and other crafted items
74 & 75Traffic Cone Creations Every-day Fursuit alternatives; Custom Fursona hoodies, Jackets and Spirit hoods, (taking discounted commissions) plus ready made furry accessories.
11TroganDigital and traditional commissions. Silver craftwork.
77 & 78WitnesstheabsurdPrints, shirts, publications of collected work. Offering examples of freelance illustration and providing commissions and con sketches.
114WuffelPawWorksFursuit parts such as paws and tails as well as fursuit props, plush toys and accsessories.
28 & 29Xenon Works Commissions, ACEOs, Fursuit Parts and Art Items
25Yulliandress Traditional commissions, prints.
50 & 51Zikaur Dikura Traditional / Digital artwork