Step right up and see the show!

Stories written to baffle the mind! Prose to titillate the sense! Characters to capture your imagination and tether your heart! Step right up and have a seat–the show won’t happen without you!

You, right there! Yes, you, the one with the tail–you look like a clever one. Think you’ve got what it takes to ring our bell at the top of the pole? It’s easy! All you have to do is give us a story!

That’s right! Just a little story, and by little, I do mean little! Just five sentences–no more, and tell us a story. Of course, look around you. Look at this carnival of carnality and delights! Surely there are stories here to be told of the night when the green was lit as bright as night.

Here’s the rules, my bright ball of fuzz!

– 5 Sentences maximum.
– The theme is Carnival of the Night, just like the convention.
– Entries must be mostly family friendly. Feel free to get a bit deviant, but leave the sticky bits to our imagination.
– No characters with a presence outside your story! Especially, no copyrighted characters!
– Entries must be received by 12PM the night before the competition panel.
– You must be present at the panel to win.
– First place will have their story illustrated! Second and third place will receive drink tokens to drown their shame and defeat.

Think you’ve got what it takes to hit the top of the scale? Come on, everyone gets a swing! Just type a story below and show up for the judges. Fun will be had for all!

So step up. Take a shot. Here’s your hammer.