What are adorable, require caution to cuddle, parties at night and refuse to share hedgerows?

That’s right! ConFuzzled are proud to announce our chosen charity for 2016 is

Prickles Hedgehog Rescue

The charity has been kind enough to send along some material to explain how the charity got started, and the work they do.  Read on to learn more!

Prickles Hedgehog Rescue is a charity based in Cheddar and founded in 2007. We specialise in the rescue, rehabilitation, care and release of hedgehogs. We are dependent upon donations and fund raising events to fund the work we do.

We are delighted that members of Confuzzled have chosen us as the nominated Charity for this years Convention.

We have a fabulous team of volunteers of all ages at Prickles, all from the local area.

A day in the life of Prickles

305955_471485996256554_876157916_nThe hedgehogs are cleaned out from 9.00am, the volunteers make detailed notes of any concerns, weigh and record the hedgehogs weight, highlight any concerns to the Duty Manager. The clean out team normally finish by 1.00pm when the Care Managers come on duty. There role is to administer medication including any hydrotherapy that is needed or to treat hedgehogs with chest infections etc through the nebuliser, vet visits are undertaken during the afternoon unless an emergency arises.

The feeding team come on duty at 4.00pm and they feed all the hedgehogs.

The phone is always busy with enquiries from members of the public, vets, RSPCA and other rescue centres. Admissions can be busy and we’ve been known to admit up to 14 hedgehogs in one day.

Why a hedgehog rescue centre?

Muffin0108Hedgehogs are a protected species, in the 1950’s it was estimated there were 30 million in the UK, now its estimated there are only 1.4 million. Numbers are declining rapidly and there are real concerns that they could be extinct by 2025 unless positive action is taken to support them. To date we’ve released over 3000 hedgehogs back to the wild, we admit over 550 hedgehogs per year.

About Hedgehogs

Like most nocturnal creatures, hedgehogs have poor eyesight but good hearing and a superior sense of smell. If frightened or disturbed it will roll up into a tight ball, gaining protection from its dense covering of spines. Hedgehogs make homes in hedgerows, woodland, farmland, scrubland and also gardens. They need to be a minimum of 650grams to survive hibernation. Hibernation nests are typically built under hedgerows. Considered the gardener’s friend they can help to keep garden pests under control.

Prickles at ConFuzzled!

Prickles will be manning a table in our Dealers Den!  You’ll be able to come talk to the charity at any time and ask questions, give money directly, or buy some of their merchandise with proceeds going to the charity directly!

The charity will also be running two events at the convention. Our usual ‘meet the charity’ event where you can find out more about the charity’s work. Also there will be a Hedgehog care event where you can learn more about the best way to look after a hedgehog.  Great if you’re thinking about having a pet at home, or indeed knowing what to do if you find a sick or injured hedgehog.  Look out for our event schedule – when that goes live you’ll be able to track down the timing for these events!

As always, we’ll have our auction, in which a minimum donation for each item goes to charity, with many sellers opting to give more (including some generous attendees who choose to give 100% to charity!).

Finally, look out for the ConFuzzled tins and buckets!  Give us your spare change .. every little helps!!