Submit art and photos for ConFuzzled 2016

General art submissions are now closed!

Photo submissions are now closed!

Cover submissions are now closed!

Every year, ConFuzzled produces a full colour convention book and programme. And like every year, we invite you all to submit artwork produced by our very creative furry community. If have something you would like featured in a book that 1,300+ people will see, then submit it to us by the end of February 2016. Details on how to do so are at the end of this page.

This is a lot of text, but please read it all to make sure you submit material that will print beautifully.

The theme for ConFuzzled 2016 is ‘Carnival of the Night, so please ensure whatever you send fits this theme. We’re looking for pictures of amazing parades, carnival antics, dark demons and spirits and a sense of a party atmosphere! Oh yeah, and lots of ticker tape.

Before submitting, please read the following:

You don’t need to attend the convention to submit work! It’s a shame if you can’t make it, but that’s no reason not to show off what you can do. Please send us some art even if you’ll not be attending.

You don’t have to draw Brok! We do love seeing art of our resident badger, but feel free to explore other aspects of the theme. If you want to draw him, then by all means be our guest!

We can’t guarantee that your submissions will  be published. We have only a limited amount of space and we will cherry pick what we feel works best on the page. Please don’t be offended if your work does not get published.

We publish under a Creative Commons license (BY-NC-ND 2.0 UK) and if you submit your work, you agree to let us publish your work under it too. To find out what that means for you, visit

We can’t send a final proof prior to printing as the final layout of the book could remain in flux until the day of printing.

We can’t promise to let you know if you’re in the book (we’re often really busy after the book has gone to print).

Proof-read your work, please make sure any spelling and grammar in your art is all checked out before you submit. If our proof-reading squad sees an error, we may pull your art from the book. If you’re unsure, check with your local pedant.

Dos and Don’ts:

Do send colour images, because our entire conbook is printed in colour. You can still send greyscale and monochrome images, though.

Don’t send sketches, because they usually don’t print very well.

Do send CMYK files. If we receive work in RGB, we will convert it for you. However, by doing this some bright colours can look duller, darker and less intense. Remember, PNG files do not support CMYK, so if you want to send art with transparent backgrounds, please send them in PSD if you can.

Don’t make it too small. The shortest edge of the image should be no less than 900 pixels. This is so that your image is in a high enough resolution to print. If you are scanning hand-drawn art, then make sure to scan it at 300DPI.

Do send us transparent art. Art with a transparent background is really useful! We can run text around it, fit it into odd corners and you probably stand a better chance of getting published that way.

Don’t send anything lewd! Although the convention itself is for people of 18 years or over, the conbook is a souvenir we want people to proudly show off, and for that we need you to refrain from submitting sexually explicit artwork.

Do tell us who you are. We want to know the name to credit your artwork with and a link to your website, gallery page or wherever else you display your work. Lots of people forget to do this. Even if you’ve told us in a previous year, assume we’re forgetful. Even if you’re a super-famous mega-artist, pretend we’ve been living in a cave for the past thirty years and don’t have a clue who you are. If you don’t give us a name, we can’t publish your art.

Don’t send obscure file formats. Please save your work as either a PDF, JPG, AI or PSD. We’d prefer PSD for bitmap images and PDF for vector images. Adobe Illustrator users are advised to use the crop area tool to help our page layout software work out boundaries as you intended. Anyone submitting files in the Sketch file format will be added to the spam folder for wasting everyone’s time (The Editor has a lot of not very nice things to say about that application, none of which can be reproduced here for taste and decency reasons).

In summary:

Submit non-sketch CMYK art at 300DPI (shortest edge a minimum of 900px) in JPG, PSD, AI or PDF format.

Tell us who you are and supply a link to your gallery.

The final date for art submissions was Sunday March 13 2016 at 23:59 GMT.

Sending us photographs

The ConFuzzled design team tries to make the conbook more useful and we might want to use your photos to help people decide if they want to attend events they might not have been to before.

So, if you have any high resolution photographs taken during events at ConFuzzled 2014 and 2015, please submit them to us! Remember, we’re looking for photographs of events, not general pictures or venue photos.

In particular, we’d like to see nice action shots of the fursuit games, Jym’s ridiculous game shows, Pawpet show, panels, gaming events and so on. Please don’t send pictures of the charity events or anything involving previous guests of honour – as these change each year, your pictures probably won’t be relevant.

With your photograph, please tell us the following information:

  • Who to credit
  • A link to your gallery
  • Which event it was (if you know)
  • Which year it was (if you know)
  • Who is in the photograph (if you know)

We’ll also be publishing these under our usual Creative Commons licence (BY-NC-ND 2.0 UK) and, as above, we can’t guarantee we’ll use your photos and they may get adjusted, cropped or tweaked to fit the layout if we do use them.

Remember: You MUST be the owner of any photos you submit and by sending them to us, you agree to us publishing them in a cropped and/or modified form and then distributed under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.0 UK.

The final date for photo submissions was Sunday March 13 2016 at 23:59.

Conbook cover submissions

It’s finally happened: we’ve decided to let the general fandom submit artwork for consideration for the cover of what we’ve been told is the nicest printed conbook in the fandom (no seriously, two people have said this!). This might be a one-off, we might keep at it. We shall see how it goes!

For cover artwork, there is a much more strict set of instructions, so it’s very important that you follow these rules about conbook cover submissions very carefully.

These are the mandatory criteria, and if you do not meet ALL of them, your entry will be excluded from consideration:

  • ConFuzzled’s conbook uses a non-standard page format of 220 x 260mm, so your design must be landscape orientation and at least 451 x 266mm (this includes a bleed of 3mm on each edge and a 5mm thick spine)
  • Your submission should be a CMYK JPEG or PSD file (or if not, when converted to CMYK, it still looks the same)
  • Your file should not be visibly over-compressed
  • Your file must be at least 300 DPI
  • Artwork must have a 5mm ‘safe area’ around the edge of the picture where nothing important sits
  • The design must entirely fill the page and leave no area blank (we may, like we did in 2015, opt to not put any text on the cover)
  • Brok must feature on the right hand side of your design (this will be the front of the cover)
  • The design must match the theme!

Cover submissions will only be open for a month between December 26 2015 and January 27 2016. This is different to general art submissions!
All of the artwork submitted will be considered against the above points, and we will inform you if your entry doesn’t comply with any of them.

Not only will the winning artwork go on the cover of the conbook, but there will be a larger format poster print made for the art show and auctioned entirely for charity.

We will inform the winner shortly after submissions have closed, but we cannot promise to notify everyone who did not succeed. However, all submissions will be added to the general submissions and may be used in the conbook or for other elements of convention theming. If the ConFuzzled Design team do not think any of the submissions (or if there weren’t any) fit the book quite right, we reserve the right to approach an artist directly (which may include artists that have submitted art to the convention this year) to create the cover artwork.

If you intend to take part, best of luck to you!

Cover submissions have now closed.

To find out what’s going on in the maddening world of the conbook, you can follow The Editor on twitter: @conbooktowers.