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Our Venue

ConFuzzled is pleased to be returning to the Birmingham Hilton Metropole for 2016...

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The Theme

Join the carnival in the dead of night, dance with the devil and use your voodoo to coax spirits to commune with the living...

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Pricing & Membership

You can attend ConFuzzled in multiple ways. It boils down to three main types...

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ConFuzzled TV!

Once again ConFuzzled will run its own TV service during the convention!  You don’t need to miss a moment when relaxing in your room, winding down in the evening, or getting ready for the day in the morning!

ConFuzzled TV will run between roughly 9am and 3am, and will cover certain events.  The rest of the time we’ll have furry and community videos, and memories …

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Video Games at ConFuzzled!

We have a number of video gaming events in our schedule, and to help us prepare and gauge interest, we’ve published a form online to help us understand how many of you might be interested!

CLICK HERE to review and register your interest.  Note, this is not a ‘signup’ system, so anyone can ‘walk up’ to play – but it will help us out to …

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ConFuzzled Variety Show!

Hi everybody,

The variety show from last year will be making a reappearance this year, and we’re ready to hear your acts and performances for the show.

We’re looking for a number of performers who’ll be willing to attend a rehearsal slot at some time between 10:30 and 12:00 on Monday morning and then go on to perform during the variety show, starting from 12:30 …

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